Tuesday, April 7, 2015

North Face Week 12

Close up of Molly relaxing

Easy week . After 11 weeks we do get a relatively easy week. As the legs were pretty sore after Sunday , I had a rest day on Monday and ran my easy 10km on Tuesday in the evening. made all the difference as the legs were just tired from 3 days of training with the WOD 15.5 games on the Saturday really tiring the legs even though it was just 15 minutes of exercise.

Again had a break on Wednesday and ran 8km on Thursday in the afternoon and then rode to cross fit where we had a group challenge of exercises /basically doing 300 of various exercises with each team participant adding to the score. I did wall ball push ups , hand stands wall walks (a few only) , for about 30 minutes , then rode home.

Good Friday , I got up early to ride to Scarborough where we were doing a short 45 minute session of running up the steps and a short sprint with a 90 sec rest between. I got a puncture on Reid Hwy and forgot my tire levers but a cyclist came by and helped but still took me a while as the tire was pretty tight on the wheel and he left before I got the new tube back and the tire on the wheel .Ended up using a 50 cent piece to lever the tire in . Got to Joy street and did 30 minutes  before we went to Georges for breakfast. I then rode back to the office to get the car. Not too hard a work out but I did carry my back  pack with my camel back and all my gear and that made the ride a bit of a work out on some of the hills.

JD on the KOM trail at about 5.30am

Checking out the lights

Mundaring Weir Hotel just after 7am
Roos at the Hotel
Pete Richards coming up one of the hills next to the pipeline

Pete climbing another hill
Only the Dog to greet us at the end of the run
Saturday's WOD

Garmin Connect (link to map of the run)

Saturday.We did our long run today instead of Sunday to allow a rest day before running the WAMC 40miler in a relay team on Monday. Another early start with everyone getting to the Helena Primary school at 5am and the plan was to run the King of the Mountain course and back in the 5 hours with our packs and gear. Got to test the lights out in the bush , and there were lots of Kangaroos rustling in the bush .It was reasonably cool but I soon felt warm with a cotton T shirt and the sweat just made it uncomfortable with the Salomon camelback  and got some abrasions on my back from the constant chaffing . We were doing a reasonable time and walking up the hills . I managed to stay with Pete for the whole run although he would get ahead of me and I would catch up ever slowly .. I think I managed to even out the pace a bit . We got to Mundaring Weir road (see Garmin Connect link above) at about 7am and then walked to the Hotel but as the Cafe was not open we turned around and started back. Pete and I then just continued to run and walk at our pace and got back to the school in about 4.20 hrs . My left knee was sore probably from the hard gravel surface .  The quads weren't feeling too bad and I managed to keep the heart rate in check so no hard runs up hills. Finished the 31 km in about an 8.26 pace. We were hoping for at least a 1000m of elevation .Just not sure if we got there as most mapmyrun and strava sites show the KOM run at about 300m to 500 one way so probably somewhere in between.

Saturday afternoon at cross fit was a slow pace affair with a relay of exercises .I managed 3 rounds and it did help the tight tired muscles.

Was a different much easier week accept for the long run.

Run: 7hrs or 51kms and about 500 to 1000m
Bike: 65km or 3 hrs
cross fit 45mins
Total : 10.45hrs