Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NorthFace100 Week14

Another video of the run

Who would have thought we are now in week 14 and just 26 days before the Race on 16 May 2015.

The training has been progressing although comparatively I have not done a lot of mileage when reading the training regimes of some ultra runners. Equally I have had no injuries and just muscle soreness.In comparison  Brendan Davies who won the event a few years ago averages 193km a week and has done 70k meters of climbing since the beginning of the year .

Monday : A recovery day with an easy 17km run.I ran just under 8km at Lunch time with some kms at 5.30 pace and some slower .In the evening I ran the rest a lot slower and the last 2.5km with Molly .The legs held up well after the weekend of training .

Tuesday. I did not do any real cross fit work out or cycling just focused on some techniques and stretching .

Wednesday. I ran at lunch time as I had an engagement in the evening. It was supposed to be a 90 minute session but I did about 1.15 with a run to Kings Park and then just hill repeats for an hour I managed about 40 minutes and then ran back to work . Did not do much in terms of altitude but it was still a hard session focusing on running down .Ran about 12kms .

Thursday. An easy day with a ride to cross fit but did not do anything at cross fit and just rode back. Rode 41kms in about 90 minutes with stops.

Friday. Just an hour with 5mins steps , 5 mins hills and 5 minutes flats for an hour.I went to Joyce street for a change and finished the hour but the stomach wasn't feeling too good .Unfortunately I had a bit of the gastro or a virus as the next 2 days I was in bed and or in the toilet . as a result no long run or any training for the weekend .I felt a lot better on Sunday but still weak and decided to just not push it .A very short week of training but felt better for it and I have not missed any training in the past 14 weeks so 1missed session wasn't too bad.

With 3 and a bit weeks to the race , there is one more big week of training and then a taper .Starting to focus on my nutrition and what to wear on the run /walk.  Just need to write it out and focus on getting all the issues sorted out. I have all my gear and more . Just want to test my lights out to see how long they last on a battery .I have found some helpful hints on the Internet and 2 good links are :

Northface 100 tips


Whilst its been a short training week , the rest has been good. I weigh 72kgs and have a few more kgs to lose before the race. I have read lots and if anything whilst the volume has been relatively low compared to the elite runners , i do feel that in 14 weeks my running and stamina especially on climbs has improved . Its not how fast you run up the hill that counts ,  its whether the legs will last the distance.

Runs: 4.15 or 35kms
Bike: 1.5hrs or 41kms
cross fit : 30 minutes
Total: 6.15hrs