Monday, March 23, 2015

North Face Week 10

At the End of Mount Street Sunday 22 March 2015

Saturday at the Park with Training Partner
After Monday's Easy Run

Monday: Again after the hard Sunday session backing it up with a run was hard on the legs but I am getting use to the routine. I again split the run into a lunchtime session of 7km @about 6.5 minutes per km and did not go hard .The quads were sore but I had no issues. In the evening I ran another 10kms at a slower pace about 7 minutes per km. Did the whole run in about 2 hrs. total about 17.5 km

Tuesday ; I missed cross fit as I finished work late so I ended up doing a wind trainer session for 70 minutes. Again the mornings were a hard ask getting up to train as I was just so tired from the 2 big runs the previous 2 days so I did the wind trainer session in the evening.Managed 35kms following the video above from you Tube.( group of cyclist riding around Melbourne). lots of short sprint work outs and Molly kept me company.

Wednesday. I ran at lunch time .It was a 15 minute march and then 3 x 15 minutes at close to 5.5 min pace  with 3 minute recovery between and then finishing with a 15 minute march. I ended up running the 3 x 15 minute sessions and walking the rest but just did not manage to do the 30 minutes of walking/ marching . Did an hour with 9.5km and the runs were all at about 5.5 pace or less.In the evening I walked for a full 30 minutes with Molly. Total about 12km .

Thursday : Rode to cross fit and felt more comfortable on the bike .We did a 45 minute session of Cardio work and then I rode back .Biking 35km slowly 1.25 hr and cross fit 45minutes. The legs were pretty good today . As it is getting dark earlier I rode back through the various bike paths trying to stay off the road .

Friday: Rode to work an easy 30 minute ride. Looked easy but was a hard session at Kings Park. Just doing 4 runs up DNA Tower and then 8 hill repeats on the hill sloping down next to the Tower .I ran 2 minutes down and 2 minutes up so each hill repeat was about 4 minutes , the 8 taking about 32 minutes and the DNA climbs another 5-6 minutes and did 2 rounds in 1.15 and started with a 10 minute warm up . The legs were hurting by then. Ran 10.5km in that time with 15 repeats of the hill and 10 DNA Tower .With a gradient of between 6-8% on the hill it would have been about 150 to 250 m on the hill and 150m on the Tower so total climb on Friday was about 300 to 400m .

Saturday: Had a sort of rest day with no cycling .The legs were still recovering from yesterday. In the afternoon a short but hard cross fit session trying the scaled version of 15.4 which was 40 kg Push press and  52 kg Cleans x 0 AMRAP in 8 minutes . I managed nearly 2 rounds with 5 cleans needed to complete Round 2. I was a really hard work out and the cleans were hard as it was only 5 kg below my maximum PB for a clean .

Mount Street after 45 repeats

Sunday Morning at Kings Park
Sunday: Same place and same time , 5am at Kings Park has been a regular Sunday morning session for the past 10 weeks . This morning we had 2000m and so decided on Mount Street . In the end after 5 hours I did 45 repeats of Mount Street (I checked the lap times on my Garmin) It was a lot and at the end I had done 26 kms and approximately 2025 metres. But whose counting. It was more mental than a physical challenge and not so taxing on the quads and calf as Kokoda is but after the Saturday session of 15.4 , I did wake up on Sunday feeling sore in the quads and legs.
The legs held up well this week.It was a big week in terms of mileage .

Run: 66km or 10 hours and 2325- 2425m
Bike: 80km or 3hrs
Cross fit :1 hour
Total: 14 hours

The end of the Training week ...a long train ride to Mandurah