Monday, March 9, 2015

NorthFace 100 Week 8

    The NorthFace Transgranaria was run this weekend 6-8 March 2015. Winners Nuria Picas and Gediminas Grinius


Monday was a public holiday .Labour day in WA and so I got to sleep in late and then ran 12kms late morning .Did 6 kms with the dog and Jonathan on the bike but it was quite warm and did not want to overheat Molly so I ran the rest of the way by myself . It was slow with the legs feeling tired.In the evening I ran another 5 km slowly to make it 17 km in 2.08 hr. Legs were feeling a little sore but otherwise all was fine also just some tenderness in the left knee from the pounding on concrete .

Tuesday: I rode in the evening for 45 minutes around King's Park .The legs felt better and I wasn't tiring as much on the climbs .Managed only 18.5km and then went to cross fit for a short 30 minute session where we did stretches and that was helpful. i had a massage booked with Adele Richards.Really sore legs but wasn't as bad as when I first started and survived . I definitely needed it though as the legs have had 7 weeks of pretty much a lot of climbing .

The grassed area in front of the DNA Tower where I did my Wednesday session.

Wednesday : The great thing about training is that I have been sleeping a lot and a lot better. The wonders of being tired at the end of the day. Today I decided to just run and nothing else. I had a 1.20session of running up a hill about 4-5% at the DNA Tower in Kings Park .I did 6 by 5 mins uphill and 5mins down with 2 minutes running flat . Managed to do 6 runs up and down the hill and then a 10 minute cool down. Covered 11.5kmand about 250 m.

Thursday : Had a rest day as I had a puncture on the bike so did not make it to Cross fit.

Pic from DNA Tower at the end of the session
Nice and Hot

Friday : I had a 1 hour session as I had a dinner to go to .So Did a short warm up and then just walked up the DNA Tower for an 1hour managing 35 climbs  or about 525 m. Not a lot of people about , there was a group of runners who started off at the Tower and finished back there just as I finished my session and a bridal party taking pictures around the Tower and the front grassed area for 1/2 an hour .Ran about 2.5km.
At the park with Molly and her "mini me"
Saturday's WOD

Saturday's session

Saturday : I decided to rest and not ride .In the arvo did the new 15.1 and 15.1a WODs .Just 15 minutes but was hard enough. I could not use the standard Rx weights for my age so I did the scaled session with 37.5kgs and managed 3 rounds of 15 toes to bar , 10 deadlifts and 5 snatches. then did a Clean and jerk with 45kg, 50 kg , 55 and 57.5 kg a new PB for me.

View from the top of the Kokoda Trail at Kings Park

Sunday : Another early start with 5 hours of running , walking and climbing .We started by running round Kings Park and did about 6km and then I did 10 Kokoda climbs before running another round of about 4 km and did 10 DNA climbs and then went back to Kokoda for 7 climbs before doing a last round . Michelle and I walked the last 2.5km finishing the session in 5 hours. I covered 24.5km and managed about 1300m in climbing if we count the 3 runs up to the DNA  .

Run:  55km or 9.5 hrs and  2075m
Bike: 18.5km or 45mins
Cross fit : 1 hr
Total: 11.25hrs

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