Monday, March 16, 2015

NorthFace Week 9

Panoramic from DNA Tower Kings Park
The Fox watching us on Kokoda on Sunday .Pic by Jason Armstrong

Monday. I had a long slow run to back up the Sunday session of 5 hours. it was 17km easy and I chose to run 7 km at lunchtime on the treadmill and the remaining 10km in the evening . I did the 7km in 43 minutes at about 6.2 min pace and then the evening run for the first 8km at about 7.5 minutes per km and the last 2 km were with Molly so they were a bit erratic . She was pretty tired after that and so was I but the legs were OK, I just had some soreness in the left knee. Total done 17km in 2 hours.

Tuesday was meant to be cross fit and cycling but felt tired and a little giddy possibly dehydrated so had a rest day.

DNA Tower Wednesday Evening
Wednesday Evening's ride around King's Park
Wednesday. I ran in the arvo .It was suppose to be a 2km warm up followed by 35 m at 6min pace and 6.16 pace with 3 minutes rest and then a 1 hike at the end. But i just did a straight 35 minute run and 3 minutes walking then 30 minutes running followed by a 15 minute walk .I ended running at about 5.30 pace and did about 12.5km in 1.15hr. in the evening it was an easy cycle round Kings park with 4 climbs on the Tommasini.

Thursday. Pretty warm day and rode to Cross fit .We did a short session because of the heat and some warm up exercises and skipping. The session was 5 x push ups, cleans , squats , squat thrusters , and dead lifts  x 7 rounds for time .Finished it in 15 minutes using a 30kg Bar. Then rode home .total distance just 30 km and about 80 minutes and session was about 30-40 minutes. The legs are recovering and the weight has now dropped to between 73 and 74.5kg.

Heading up to the DNA Tower

Pictures from Friday Evening's run at King's Park

Friday . Did 1.5 hrs at the DNA Tower in Kings park . The sky was cloudy with storm clouds so it was a late start and grew dark quickly.George was there and I did a 10 minute warm up then 25 minutes of stairs followed by a 3 minute break and  another 20 minute session of stairs and hen George had to go so I did a final session of just over 25 minutes . Total distance covered was only 3km and 600m altitude. Noone around at the end .I tried my rain jacket but there was no rain and it was just humid and hot.
Saturday's WOD 

Saturday's wind-trainer session with Molly

Screen Grab of the spin session on You Tube...who needs sufferfest

Saturday. With the weather forecast for rain I stayed in and did a 1 hr wind trainer session with a mix of you tube videos on spinning and some road scenes of  cyclist in Majorca and in the afternoon I did the cross fit 15.3 games (scaled version)  session of 50 wall balls and 200 skips AMRAP in 14 minutes. I managed 2 rounds and 11 wallballs (I think ) in the 14 minutes with a 9kg ball . It was a hard session despite the short session and some warm up.
Kokoda trail , King's Park

The last 30 minutes

Sunday . Longest session . Started at 5 am .It had been raining through the night but we just had a drizzle here and there but it was muggy. Tried out the lights and they were great .Pretty strong although after the sun came up I switched them off but will test how long the battery last in preparation as I need them for the night and have a spare battery as well. We started with Kokoda and I did 15 climbs before we moved to Mount Street and I walked another 12 climbs of Mount Street ( which is about 42 m) .I had a toilet break and ran from Fraser's to Mount Street and everyone else ran from the bottom of Kokoda to Mount Street. After that we ran round King's Park to the DNA tower about a 4km loop. I managed 10 climbs on the DNA Tower before we headed to Kokoda again and I did 2 climbs before we stopped at about 15 minutes to the end of the 5  hours.I ran 21 km with elevation of:

Kokoda 1105m
Mount Street : 500m
DNA Tower : 150m
Total elevation for Sunday: 1705m 

Hopefully building a reasonable base for the NorthFace. This week was another reasonable effort .

Run: 53.5km or 9.75hr and 2300m
Bike: 85km or 3.5hrs
Cross Fit: 1 hr
Total: 14.25 hrs

Ending the week with Molly and JJ at Sculpture's By The Sea

and a swim at the Beach