Saturday, October 15, 2011

Working Through

Working through the Hard weeks.

The second week in the cycle did not start too well.The hay fever was really bad and by Monday I had an infection. I managed to get antibiotics and had a half day off work which allowed me to just rest .I missed my long run and bike session but I was in no state to train. By Tuesday evening I was feeling better just weak and tired.

Did a 12km interval session with the usual warm-up and then 1 km x 5 at "I "pace which was 4.21 pace for me .  I managed to keep within the I pace and whilst it was hard , it was good to be back training.

On Wednesday I was back in the pool and had a longish session doing 3km. I started early and did a 1km warm up , followed by the main set which was 300m fast, 200m fast , 100 easy and 50m x 2 fast repeated twice and a further 200m fast .
Followed by a 400m cool down. It was a hard session. At lunch time I ran 10km and then in the evening i did a 11.5km run. The run at lunch time was slow and I was really feeling sick . Probably an empty stomach with antibiotics was not a good idea.. I felt better in the evening run but I was still on the slow side averaging 5.30 per km.

Thursday morning I was back on my bike and rode form home to Reabold Hill .I only did the hill once but rode on the big chain ring for all the climbs I did and there were a few as i rode on to Fremantle and then back to Perth. i managed just under 60 kms . I rode home in the evening as well and at lunch I ran for 55 minutes doing about 9km . The ride home was enjoyable and overall I had managed to ride 75km for the day doing all the hills on the big chain ring and seated .

Friday morning , I struggle out of bed for swim training. The water was a little colder and we did a 600m warm up and then drills for 300m and then a main set of  100m x 10 with the first 3 fast pace and the Fourth at medium repeated 2.5 times. Again I was lagging behind but feel stronger on the bilateral breathing and more comfortable breathing on the right.

Ended up swimming 2.4km .

In the evening I went to watch the first Aquathon for the North Coast Tri Club and ran along the coast. I did a 55min run with at least 10km.The ocean was not looking good. There was overcast skies and a swell. Not fun conditions to swim in.I was glad I was running .

Still on antibiotics as the hay fever is still bad .

The week has been dominated from my perspective with the unfortunate missing swimmer Bryn Martin who is feared to have been taken by a shark on off Cottesloe Beach .I was swimming with my mates the day before and the weather was definitely not good for a swim.. It was definitely shark weather. having said that , it is a large ocean and they do live in it. We swam without incident . The peak period for concern will be November when the whales will be swimming past the WA coast and the great Whites will be following.  I will need to keep swimming in the ocean if  I am going to be comfortable in my wetsuit and swimming the distance at Busso.

Whilst it has been a hard week ,it has been good and George Harrison's song sums up the week for me . No big leaps of improvement or performance . Just steady and thankful.

Rescue crews scour Cottesloe Beach for missing Mosman Park man. Picture credit: Richard Polden Source: PerthNow

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