Sunday, October 2, 2011

Moment to Pause

The Perth Royal Show

Royal Show 1 October 2011

The weeks are rolling by quickly. The week just passed was my easy week and after a horrid busy work week I  did not religiously follow my programme. I did not do any running and just had a single swim session. I rode on Tuesday , Thursday and Friday .

I had a bad dose of hay fever so gave Saturday a miss . Thankfully it was an easy week.

The weekend was spent at the Royal Show with Jonathan . It is the first day of the Royal Show . A Perth tradition of city people getting a glimpse of Country WA .It has been around since 1902 and is run by the Royal Agricultural Society of WA . The show is packed even on the first day .It is a tradition to take the kids to the Royal show and it is a bit cheesy but Jonathan always has a good time.

  Check out the link to The Perth Royal Show

I have completed my October Programme and the hard weeks begin . it is becoming a very long season and with the work load a lot harder to juggle the training each day.

On Saturday evening watched Ice age 3 with JJ and had a real oldie in the sound track....Alone again Naturally. Liked the  version by johnny Mathis. Enjoy...

Sunday Morning at cottesloe

Sunday despite the weather forecast for rain which was really early in the morning it has turned out to be a nice day .I rode to Cottesloe and swam with Trevor , Tony and Les. it was overcast at the Beach and not ideal swim weather.A bit of a surf and the water was very murky with seaweed about. i had lots of problems with my goggles filling with water as well .Did a 30 minute swim to the OBH Hotel and back . About 1.2 or 1.3km .

Easy week:
Swim: 1.5hrs or 4km
Run: 0 hrs
bike: 6.75 hrs or 166km
Total : 8.15 hrs