Saturday, October 29, 2011

How good are you

Lance Armstrong ,once said that endurance triathletes are always running away from something. not necessarily true . they may be running towards something.

It is nice to be able to have taken time to reflect and sit back. This is my easy week. I get to take it easy and recover .

I rode on Thursday and Friday and it was easy rides with a bit of heart pumping bits in it. A little different to the programme .but I kept to much of the core work outs. Saturday was a rest day as I rode on Friday and I will swim tomorrow as well.

The next 3 weeks will be the next hard block of work and then it is the Taper. It is great to reflect back on a not so perfect preparation but see the pit falls and issues of the past 6 months of preparation. Primarily it is a long training year for me with other stresses and I have had to dig deep for motivation .But I have kept to my core work outs and I have been fortunate to have had only a few near misses with accidents and injuries but survived so far.

I don't think I   am running away but always towards something....chasing a goal  and a destination. I haven't quite arrived.

It is to have prepared and raced the perfect race . And the journey there has been to learn , to absorb and to try and help where I can. Hence this Ironman at Busselton is for a purpose . To help the group I am involved with  EDAC and I will be making another push in the next few weeks to fund raise again.

The long weekend has been a great pause in the preparation. The question is Not How Good YOU ARE But Are YOU Prepared to Step Up and be Counted.