Sunday, October 9, 2011


The Ironman World Champion 2011 Craig Alexander Picture from Lava Magazine Lava Magazine
Picture by Sammy Tillery

I have finished week one of my 3 week block.I am feeling a lot better than 2 weeks ago and hopefully I can continue to build on this weeks gains. As I slept through the night ...I was dead tired .Literally I was out in five minutes. Ironman World Championships was starting in Hawaii , Kona. I missed the winners running down AliĆ­ Drive . But Kona is the epicentre of Endurance triathlon and its MECCA . That is what thousands of athletes aspire to qualify for . Myself included but realistically it will be via a lottery spot given the times posted this year . The winner in my age group posted a 9.14 time and nearly 1000 competitors were under 11 hours. But it is more than just the time , it is about the focus , the dedication and sacrifice. Each athlete has a story to tell .I am privy to a glimpse of the training my friends who went to Kona put in to get there . They are all earth moving , mountain shifting and inspirational. That is why watching these races gives you goose bumps. They are what I aspire to be .

Amongst the competitors lining up were a number of West Aussies . Hats off to them . Their results are:
Jason Nuttman 9:49:06
Alistair Press 10:12:16
Rodney Marton 10:22:58
Michelle Duffield 10:54:45

Cottesloe looking like a big storm was brewing

Back to reality , I got up at 6 and did my optional easy ride to Cottesloe for a really short swim . I had issues with my goggles again and I am getting a new pair. I swam a short 1200m and then had coffee at Daisies before riding home. The day started with the sky looking not too friendly with dark cloud's gathering over the sea but it has turned out to be a nice day.

The legs held up well on the ride but I did struggle a bit with any short climb . Its been a big week , The highlights in a way were the ride down the Freeway with a Magpie attack .Its the same bird each year but he helped me pick up my speed for that stretch anyway. Getting home on Saturday and Sunday and having to ride again with my son Jonathan . Fortunately a short ride but on a steel bike with the wheel  touching the side  of the bike made it a hard ride yesterday . i fixed the problem so today's ride round the Park and the neighbourhood was more relaxed. 

Training Week Summary

Run:  5hrs 10 mins or 56 km
Bike:  11hrs or 313 km
Swim: 2.5hrs or  6.2km
TOTAL: 18.6 hrs