Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week 8 ...A Stressful Week

Jonathan amongst the flags at Kings Park

Concert In Kings Park 24 September 2011

The Narrows Bridge where lots of my training rides start from .
The Swan river on a beautiful day 24 September 2011

Week 8 Begins with last week being a bit of a disaster just in terms of work , stress and injuries and motivation. I am glad I had a rest. I felt a lot better  on Monday despite not swimming for a whole week or cycling much.

Monday morning , I actually made it to swimming .A first after several weeks of sleeping in on a Monday. I managed 2.7km .It was a 200m warm up but I did 300m with another 200 with a 100 free , 50 back and 50 breast .Then 200 with 50 m drills x 2 .
The main set was simply 100m, 200m , 300, 400m,400m,300m, 200m, 100m with a 50m kick and 50m back in the 400m and a medley in the 300 m which I skipped. No PB and the arms were feeling a little tired from the lack of swimming for a week but otherwise it was comfortable.

In the evening , I had a 1.5hr run and managed just over 16km . It was pretty nice with no rain an a light breeze. I ran along the river to Nedlands and then back through the University and Kings Park .

Tuesday Morning : the days are getting warmer and the sun is rising earlier . We can actually see the road before 6am. it was the usual hour of power and I rode with Michelle and Rod . One of the guys in another group joined us in the 2nd lap .

It was hard but I hung in there .The legs were a little tired from last night. Unfortunately with a very stressful week at work I wasn't looking forward to the training . At run training with Brad in the evening I got an early start and did my warm up and we then did some drills for a further 4 laps before the main set which was 4 x 1 km at "I "pace and active recovery ie. running at a slower pace for the same I pace period with a 1 minute plank as well. Did all my Ï"pace runs at below the pace and it felt a lot better than last week. Did exactly 10km of running.

The rest of the week was extremely busy at work and I was exhausted at the end of the day.I ran fairly late on Wednesday night starting at 6pm and did just an hour run. I had a big rest day on Thursday again as I was just feeling too tired mentally.

By Friday I was feeling better and ran 9.5 km and swam in the evening. Ross was back and we did an easy 2.3km swim with a warm up of 300 m drills with flippers for another 600m and then the main set was 200m x 5 with two 50m at fast pace and a 100 cruise. The followed bu a cool down. Friday turned out to be quite relaxing after a busy work week.

On Saturday , I managed to get out of bed and started my long ride at 5.30am . Got to the Narrows and saw Jason and Jaimie who were riding the Freeway. I continued down the Freeway cycle path and Jason caught up with me at Mt Henry bridge and I followed him till they stopped before Murdoch to wait for Jaimie. I turned off at Roe Highway and headed for Welshpool Road . Been a few months since I rode this route. It was slow but my legs felt pretty good till the end when it did begin to tire. I was still pretty slow on the climbs but I managed to pace myself and not get the legs burning on the climbs. There were 2 occasions when at the end as I passed cars on side roads where they were just oblivious to my presence and I was just careful in case they proceeded out as I passed them.They were just not looking out for cyclist .I could tell as they were just looking past me. On Mundaring Road I passed some cyclist including I presume someone from Exceed as they shouted out my name. there were lots of friendly cyclist about today ...everyone waved back as i passed and said hallo.
Did 125 km in just under 5 hours which was painfully slow but I felt good and ran at just under 5.30 pace. Legs were holding up well .

The afternoon was spent enjoying the best Perth weather for a very long time . Took Jonathan to his Sunday school picnic at Kings Park .