Thursday, September 1, 2011

September's Training Programme

Start of the September Training Programme

After the marathon on Sunday , I was planning on getting back to some training . At least  a light work out and swimming. But on Monday the legs were quite stiff and I decided to skip a day of training . On Tuesday I decided I would just do an easy ride whilst everyone else had the 1 hour of power session.It was raining at 5am so I decided it was just not worth the risk and getting wet but as it turned out it stopped by 5.30 so I missed another session. I did do the run training on Tuesday evening.It was an interval session at the end of it my legs were really sore.

I managed to get to swim training on Wednesday and swam with a Pull Buoy .It was a relatively good session with 2.3km .In the evening I ran 13km and whilst the legs were again sore at the end it was muscular soreness and I felt pretty good. I got to wear my Marathon Finisher T shirt . Although as we were running in kings park a lone runner who looked like a martial Arts/ body builder was running along and I had a hard time keeping up with him.I got dropped by the main group and saw Cody's group who were several minutes behind pass me after UWA as i was heading back. It was a hard run with my legs taking a bit of a pounding on the pavement.

The programme has flexibility and whilst i was due to ride today i decided the legs were just too sore and it is better to have a Rest Day. I do now have to start building the cycling strength and next week is the start of another build cycle.

Fortunately , I have no injuries and despite the soreness I have had a good recovery to date.

Ross had a look at the programme and did think I was still pushing too hard but I do have the flexibility of knowing when to skip sessions and I have missed a few so far which has made the programme quite tolerable.

Today is the first day of Spring and I am hopeful for better weather but as a triathlete Mental toughness means training in all weather . I just seem to feel I have had enough of running and cycling in the cold and rain .