Sunday, September 25, 2011

Feeling Groovy

Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible."

---Doug Larson American cartoonist

Daisies of Cottesloe

Whilst Sunday is usually a rest day , today was a beautiful day and I had decided I would take an easy ride down to Cottesloe Beach for the first swim in many months with the usual swim group . It was an easy 1 hour ride down to Cottesloe and the water was perfectly calm . I did a 30 minute swim to the first buoy between the OBH hotel and Blue Duck cafe ...I believe about 6-700m and then swam back. We had coffee and muffins at Daisies of Cottesloe Cafe .Better coffee and great  muffins . Especially good after a swim and ride on a beautiful day like today .

The legs were a little sore on the short climbs but otherwise I felt good. The swim was slow but short and I just wanted to get back into swimming with the wetsuit. Water was murky again .

Whilst chatting away , Tony mentioned the impressive channel swim report by Paul Newsome .I have added the link here as it is well worth a read. . Paul Newsome's Channel Swim Report .

The elite triathletes from around the world are finishing up their training and heading to Hawaii this week. Tomorrow after the swim we say goodbye and good luck to the 4 intrepid WA triathletes that I know who are all leaving for Hawaii and all racing Hawaii for the first time. They have done the mega miles and hours and all look very CUT .

May the Kona Tri gods smile on them .

Summary for the week

Swimming: 2.5 hours or 6.4 km
Running: 4.9 hrs  or 52 kms
cycle: 225 kms or 8.6hrs
Total: 16 hrs.