Saturday, September 17, 2011

Getting Motivated

A slow ride

Ride Home

Lunch time run

The week begins as always with Monday Blues. I skipped swimming as I was just tired and felt good enough to run on Monday evening doing a 75 min run with about 12-13 kms very easy pace.

It was another great evening and there was little traffc on the footpaths and it was still light at 6.30pm and best of all two dolphins were playing in the river near the Boat shed off Stirling Highway.A cyclist stopped to watch them and I watched them gliding gracefully around till they disappeared.

Tuesday was a non starter .I had a slightly sore throat and skipped the morning ride as it rained for a short while and I just went back to bed never to get up till it was too late. I should have but I didn't . I did show up for run training and it was a relatively hard session .All up i did 11km with 6 x 800m at "I "pace which was 3.28 per 800 metres .It was hard as I was feeling quite tired and I struggled to keep at that pace which was different to last weeks session. I had great difficulty breathing and was spluttering around the track and breathing heavily . unfortunately my sports induced asthma was getting worse or I was having a bad dose of hay fever given it is spring. In the end i got through the session.

Wednesday was  swimming and a 2 hour run. But I bailed. I was pretty tired and so just decided to skip the sessions.

Thursday , I felt alot better and despite the early morning rain started off at 5.20 for my ride and hill repeats .Unfortunately with the wet and oily road , I fell about 20 minutes into the ride . I had a few bruises and a sore right wrist but fortunately nothing was broken and it was quite early in the morning so there wasn't much traffic. I then saw a 200m trail of oil on the side of the wet road so it was either the oil being washed into the side of the road or a car leaking oil on the road earlier. Whatever it was , it made the road really slippery. I managed to gather myself and still got to Reabold hill at about 6 and did hill repeats till 6.40am and then rode off to my breakfast appointment at Applecross .I got there at 7.45 on the dot . It was slow moving with the traffic .I then got a lift to work .

At lunch time I did a 10km run at 5.30 pace and the legs felt pretty good .I did not push it . There were quite a few runners about. I rode home in the evening making it a pretty long training day with 3 hours of riding and just under an hour of running.

The last 2 days have turned out to be a non event . Skipped training as I was feeling a little sore after the fall.