Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thank God Its Friday & Saturday

Having Abs like the Jock at 2.23 would be nice

Well not quite TGIF .Another quiet week but the training is now cranking up.Start training for the City to Surf from next week so lots of running

Friday was a really wet evening and I did a slow hour run before my swim .Got a little wet with the rain coming down at the end of the run and there was lightning but it seemed miles away .Then had the swim training , the first since Lanzarote. Felt comfortable if not slow. It was belting down and it was warmer in the pool then out of it. It really rained for the whole hour in the pool and managed a 2.5km swim despite the slow pace. I did a 500m slow cruise , then another slow 400m and 400m of drills before a 500 session of 50m build to fast pace and then 200m cruise and 100m medley doing that 2.5 times .

On Saturday I rode round the river with Rob .We followed the Exceed group part of the way but we then dropped off the back of the group.Rob is on his way to Ironman South Korea which is on next week.He was originally due to do IM China but it was cancelled so he has opted for Korea. A race I may consider next year.

Robs returned to racing after a few health issues but is looking fit and strong . He has posted a 9.37 time in Busselton and we went to IM Japan a few years ago.So hopefully all goes well especially as there are better prospects of securing a spot to Kona.

But despite the nature of the sport especially endurance races, we both agree it is all the better to have tried and enjoyed the journey then get too self obsessed about analysing everything about a race as some would such as working out everyone who is a possible competitor in your age group etc as some athletes do. I am not in that league so I don't have that worry. We chatted about suicide and depression which has no common denominator , it hits everyone including triathletes...maybe more so as there is such a compulsion to achieve that it gets in the way of everything and failure is almost soul destroying. Possibly the pain and long lonely hours of training are a form of pain relief even. All generalisations but reality is , depression seeps through all individuals from all walks.

Had breakfast at Tiger , Tiger with the Exceed group after nearly 2 months away from the group.

I plan to run in the hills tomorrow if the weather holds. And then DO it all again....