Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Results do count

Going for Gold

I am not sure who reads my blog .It is a record of my training and my experiences these past few years on this Ironman journey.It is indulgent and self centred . For that I hope that it does not cast the wrong impression but as I have said before the sport is by its nature a tad self indulgent .Anyone who spends so much time training has to be a little indulgent.

Following from my conversation with Rob on Saturday we both agree there also are Triathletes who can be very egotistical or at least give that impression.it is said in the nicest possible way as I have equally met and chatted with Triathletes who give their time and wisdom freely and have no airs about their capabilities so I again emphasize these are generalisations. But I do believe there has to be a little of that ego .a self belief and arrogance to be a winner . It may irritate and rub people the wrong way but it is a necessary evil.

On the other hand I know some really accomplished triathletes who are just all round nice people.Two i will mention are Kate Bevilaqua and Bill Scanlan.Kate I know only briefly following from my cornering her at Spore 70.3 (I still think she felt a little unsure about some guy talking to her before the start about Lanzarote) but she was very helpful , inspiring and generally nice to be around. yet she is a good triathelete. Bill I have known now for a few years having swum at Bayswater in the same squad .

It took a few months before I got to know him and given he worked in the city I would often meet him for coffee at Borders to talk Triathlons .He fed my hunger and need for information. He was an elite triathlete  and I was a novice ...more than a novice a nobody . But he had the same passion and definite capability. I have followed both their tri careers with more than passing interest because they are West Australian home grown and our paths have crossed in more ways than one. With Kate , her first coach wrote my very first training programme and suggested I do Lanzarote. And Bill has been a great ambassador for the sport and a true inspiration.( see his bio on his webpage)

This little walk down memory lane stems from my little search of my results these past 5 years . The advantage of  the Internet has been the ability to google anything and everything and get instant results. I got a short mention in the Exceed end of Season report despite not being a member and a current member of North Coast . There were a few strange results as well.My record of racing Ironman japan has had a name change and country change as well  but I have claimed my races  especially the Ironman races I have done and they are all listed in the results section of Athlinks. Its useful to have a look back to know the progress made as a reminder that whilst it is a lifelong journey the results are markers of that journey , the milestones of progress. Not all improvements and many signpost of the numerous hiccups and twist in getting there.

But in the end results do count.....

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