Sunday, June 12, 2011

Having a Plan

It has been an easy week ...lots of sleep and  not a lot of exercise.I am now  planning for the next race which is Ironman Busselton 2011 .I have been looking at lots of articles on the Internet and I came across Chuckie V piece on The here Now method. Lots of truth in being too scientific and not having the flexibility to cope with changes but having said that  I am still a believer in a plan.

Here is a Plan:

  1. Identify the period 
  2. Identify the hours of training needed or one can handle
  3. Focus on all 3 disciplines
  4. have markers along the way to measure progress
  5. identify what works and what doesn't
  6. learn to cope with changes. 
  7. seek advise
  8. follow  advice 

Not necessarily that easy. I am giving some serious thought to my training and what I need to do. If anything I have learnt after Lanzarote is that I was not under prepared just not as strong as i thought i would be despite the amount of work I did .if anything some of it was misdirected as I did a lot of speed work and riding down the freeway just to break up the monotony of the hills but in essence it was a mountain course I was doing and I should have just been doing hills after hills. (as much fun as that would be...not)

But we all learn. It will be a serious discussion with Ross and a decision as to what I should do.I think I have enough experience to know what works and what doesn't.

Besides the Ironman I will be running the City to Surf marathon at the end of August and the immediate start will be with that goal in mind.

There is next year as well .In this sport planning is now done several months in advance with races selling out in minutes.

It has been quite a change with my routine before Lanzarote.

The week culminated with a ride with Tony and just a few hill repeats up Rebolt Hill.Great fun on a cold morning. In the evening it was the North Coast Tri Club Awards dinner. Deb Kirkham ex committee member was named Club person of the year for her efforts through the year. It becomes difficult to get volunteers and they are the life blood of all clubs .

Unfortunately , for Ironman training there are few devotees and by and large I lead a more monastic lifestyle. I spent more time with NCTC in my formative years of the sport. Today it is the occasional ride and get together from the core training which is largely with the squad iam with and or the lonely training sessions.

One very telling comment by Deb Kirkham. Clubs are like families. As you get immersed into its culture and life , your circle of friends changes and if you immersed yourself totally even if you are new to the city or area , you will have a ready supply of friends to have coffee with ...but as Deb says you just have to put in the 3 hour bike ride before hand.

Video: Historic Ironman finishes remembered ( from the Everyman Tri website)  

Chuckie V Training : The here now method

Another good honest article by Chuckie V .... definitely worth a read by all triathletes

A link to a piece by a coac Wayne Smith referred in Chuckie V's article above.