Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back in the Saddle

I am slowly getting back to some exercise. I had a short ride on Saturday with coffee and a play with Tony's new Goldie's Cassie and Izzie , 2 five year old Golden retrievers with the best temperament ever . On Sunday evening I did a 1.4 minute run and ran about 11.5km quite comfortably and on Monday morning I rode with Tim whom I use to ride regularly with .we rode up to the hills on a regular route he showed me and then back down to Guildford for coffee.I found $20 on an intersection at 7am in the morning .there was absolutely no traffic but I always stop at lights.So it actually pays to stop at the lights. That paid for breakfast at the cafe at Guilford. we were actually planning on having coffee at the french patisserie in Kalamunda but it was closed presumably because Monday was Foundation Day in WA

It was a good easy ride and despite the cold I enjoyed it.I took some video footage at Zig-zag but my camera has decided to malfunction and I can't download the footage

I ran again this evening for about an hour round kings Park and found the legs a little tired from the ride in the hills but otherwise it was a good little run. Will have to watch the weight a little as I want to remain under 70kgs till I start my training again for IMWA.

Video clip of Jenny Egan receiving her award.She was at Lanzarote and is the current Para triathlete World Champion.