Thursday, December 2, 2010


Tapers are funny things , I never am able to feel totally comfortable as I drop the mileage down . I feel slugish but that may be th lack of caffeine kicking in.

I had a massage  today and did little else.I have just been running and biking this week .I was suppoe to swim n Wednesday but could not make the evening session. I have done 2 runs totalling 18km and 2 bike sessions of about 70km . the ride on Tuesday was fun as I just sat behind everyone and felt great. On Monday and wednesday I ran . This morning I did head out to Nedlands and did a short ride round the circuit before heading back to the city.It was an easy ride and I just jumped onto the back of groups . Otherwise I spent the time getting my gear together and making sure I have everything with me when I go to Busselton tomorrow morning.

The car is packed with my bike and all my bags . I am ready and looking forward to getting down to Busselton and racing . The journey starts with the first step and with each step I get closer to my destination , I learn a little more about myself , I learn a little more about the journey and I arrive at the destination. I don't know the number of hours of training on the bike , on the pool and on the footpaths I have racked up but I don't think it matters much .I have had good company and great solitude on those many training sessions and long rides .

Goodluck to all those racing this weekend.