Friday, December 17, 2010


After Busselton Ironman I had  a nice break.Lots of sleep and rest.Spent a few days catching up with Enrico as he spent a few days after Busso in Perth. I had no injuries and made the quickest recovery from a race in my six attempts. By Wednesday there was no soreness in the legs and I had escaped any blisters or severe abrasions . I went out for a ride around the river on Saturday but it was a slow ride as I was racing on Sunday in the Inter-Club championships at Mandurah.

I had not done much for the week and I was looking forward to racing .I had the office Christmas function on Saturday night so it was a fairly late evening before the race. Got up and left for Mandurah at 5.30am and  It was an hours drive down the freeway.

Got there with a lot of time to spare. Set up my bike in transition and had a chat with everyone .It was already getting warm . It was a wet suit swim despite the water temperature being just under 22C .The girls started first and the men started 10 minutes later.The inter club race was a 750m swim , 17 km bike and 5 km run.

I had a reasonable swim but sighting wa difficult as my goggles kept fogging up .Did the swim in 13.50m and then had  quick transition and off on the bike although I had a difficult time remembering to press the buttons on my garmin so I could keep an accurate record of my transition times.

The bikes course was 3 laps and it was hard getting up any speed. It was quickly over . I managed to get on and off my bike without any difficulty and slip on my bike shoes without crashing. Dismounted quickly and did leave a shoe in transition . Got on the run course and managed a 24 min 5km run . The aim is to get my run time down.

I was shattered after the race and the rest of Sunday.The legs did feel heavy. I managed to do another PB with a time of 1hr 10min and was 4 minutes faster than my last outing at the inter club 2 years ago. North Coast Tri Club was 2nd overall for the Presidents Cup . (for the 2nd time in 2 years )

The rest of the week was pretty easy .I did no swimming and just rode on Thursday .

The rest of the time was spent catching up with life on the net ,work and more work. And starting preparation for the next race least the logistics of it. I will begin my preparation in the New year and the title of my blog changes with Busselton done and dusted.

With the entries for Busselton 2011 becoming available on 15 December , I was at the computer at 7am and got my entry in without any difficulty .I assumed it would take a few weeks to sold sold out in 4 hours. The sport or the marketing machine that is WTC rolls on.

Eneko Llanos IM Lanzarote