Thursday, December 30, 2010

Running in the forest

The last week of the year spent in Singapore has been relaxing yet hectic. Lots of walking and running every alternate day. Aside from running along the busy Singapore Roads I have done a run at the Dairy Farm Nature Reserve up to Bukit Timah Hill and this morning I did a run from Chestnut Drive to the Nature reserve then along a MTB trail connecting to a trail leading to MacRitchie reservoir .I got to 6km and then ran back via Bukit Timah quarry and the base of the hill to make it a 12km run.

There were a few riders and just 2 other runners for the whole 12km run .It was a relatively cool day with high humidity and I was sweating lots bit it was a really nice run with the muddy tracks and water on the jungle undergrowth .There was a lot more streams around than I expected .

Again it was just nice to be alone running in the forest with just the silence of the forest sounds and my breathing and heart pounding along. I had spent last night looking at running websites and Jeannette Wang's blog had a video clip of the barefoot professor which I watched and his explanation on the mechanics of running.

In the silence of running trails there is lots to think about perfect bike case , bikes , races I want to do and following from Enrico's blog, my bucket list.i did one 20 years ago and I will dig it up to see what i can tick off .It would be nice to just check back. and possibly reset some of the goals .Life is very much like a race , there are lots of turns and changes which require adjustment to the overall strategy but it is always important to have a road map and a finish line ....and trying to keep to the road map helps.

the barefoot professor