Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas work out

The month of December has always been a downtime for me after Busselton Ironman and the importance of rest was clearly demonstrated this year .

But I have tried to keep up doing some activity and running and swimming have been the main pursuits as I don't have a bike with me.After my first run ,I am not sure I will be confident riding on Singapore roads anyway. I saw a couple of riders gathering at the old fire station at Upper Bukit Timah Road on my run.

I had a few near misses , the worst was crossing a zebra crossing with one lane stopped and the other was stationary but as I was sandwiched between the two lanes, the van driver took off just as I was about to step into his lane.I had slowed to a walk and fortunately I was watching his reaction .Had I just run across assuming they would wait at a zebra crossing I would be history.

The run was slow and easy especially with the adjustment to the humidity.

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I did a second run on Boxing day ,again just an hour but ran in the Dairy Farm nature reserve and then up to the top of Bukit Timah Hill ,Singapore highest peak but its more a hill.It was fairly steep and had to walk up the narrow steps . I ran from the Dairy Farm side rather than the normal walkers entrance on the other side of the hill. The track was very muddy and slippery so I went pretty slow and I had to dodge lots of walkers as well.I was soaking wet by the time I got home.

Nothing like a few hills to get the heart rate up . I enjoyed it and the running in jungle with all the eerie silence amidst the sudden crashing of branches as birds or monkey move high above. You hear your heart pounding and you feel the sweat tingling every pore on your skin. Doesn't cost anything but you know you are alive Pity that feeling can't be bottled.