Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Taper Week

At the Hillarys race ...last race before Busso

The last week before the Busselton Half has been very easy.I have had a short swim at the Cott on Monday ...about 1500m. And an easy ride round the Swan River on Tuesday morning.With work today I was not able to attend swim training but i hope to do a short run tomorrow morning and then head down to Busselton late afternoon .

It will be my fourth Busselton Half and I enjoy the race tremendously. Most of all it is a weekend with like minded atheltes and for me an opportunity to be immersed in all things tri.

As always I feel prepared in some aspects but my weight will be an issue. I feel alot stronger this year with regard to my cycling but a little underdone with my run training. Swimming is my main achilles heel but I have made a few incremental steps forward. I hope I will be able to get out of the water comfortable. The goal is to try and get under 5 Hours. Not easy as I will need to do PBs in all legs to get there. But it is always fun trying.

I probably have mor experience now and I think I will be able to improve on my times if the conditions are good and I can get my nutirtion right . I will write down my nutrition plan and ensure that I run through all contingencies.

If anything the past few races have taught me to be prepared for all contingencies. The car is packed with alll the gear and bike. Let the games begin....

Hopefully by Sunday evening my race report will be a good one.