Saturday, April 17, 2010

A fast Saturday

The rather wet week has culminated in a brick session this morning .The weather was perfect for such a ride .

The group met up at the Narrows and we headed off at 6.30am The brick session was a 90km ride and a 45min run. Once the group passed Mt Henry Bridge , the fast group took off and I could not keep up .I settled down to ride by myself and soon caught up with Katy who then followed me to the turn around along with a few of the girls.My computer wasn't working too well but I believe I was averaging at least 35kph. Ob the way back Katy took a turn in front twice but i managed to drag the group back and we caught up with the stragglers in the lead group which was great .My computer had the average at 34.8kph .A new PB for the freeway ride.

I did a 40 minute run straight off but I struggled a bit on the run and should have had a little more nutrition.I had consumed about 150 gms of Carbohydrates and that was probably sufficient for the ride but not quite the run.

I was happy with the workout overall.If I can come out of the swim not too tired I will be able to improve on my bike time at Busso.

The rest of the week was pretty ordinary I did the Wednesday and Friday evening swim sessions .Both were hard sessions .Friday consisted of a 500m warm up and then a1km swim , 500m swim ,200m swim and then 3 x 100m swim .I managed it within the hour . I feel more comfortable in the water at least. I ran on Thursday and Friday as I could not ride on the Thursday given the weather. But I got caught in the rain during the lunch time run.On Friday , I ran round the river and got to watch the acrobatic planes flying in formation ,part of the RedBull Airrace being staged in Perth over the weekend.

This week the total training time has been:

Bike : 5 hrs (all hard)
swim : 2 hrs
run: 3.5hrs

Busselton Half is 2 weeks away and Iam feeling reasonably comfortable with the training . Its putting it together which remains the great mystery.