Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hillary's triathlon

At Transition setting up.

The week has gone by quickly and culminated in the last of the Trievents series at Hillary's. It was a wonderful day for racing .Everyone was down .That is from the club and Ross was there to watch .

As the temperature was 21C it was a wetsuit swim and despit my 80km bike ride yesterday I managed a 1.19:54 time comprising:

Swim : 00:15:55 cycle : 00:41:25 Run:22:32 Finish Time:01:19:54

Overall : 176
Gender : 145
Category : 14

I had a few issues in the race . I took 300 m to get comfortable and way too long in a sprint race .Then in transition I had difficulties getting into my bike shoes as the velco on the shoes stuck to my socks . Mental note for the future is to practise mounting the bike with socks. The ride was ok but not my best and I think I felt a little fatigue in the legs and I should have gone faster .My run has improved and I got out of transition fairly quickly. I did a 22.32 run and I know with more interval work I will be able to get under 20 minutes for the 5 km run .
That is the weaknest for me going into the half. My running has not been the best.

Overall , Iam pleased with the result as I went under 1.20 and I felt pretty good after the race .I comfortably ran the course again as a cooldown with J Hawkins.

I think everyone had a good race. A few spills on one of the corners and overtaking riders constantly was hard ...the price paid for coming out of the swim so far behind.

On Saturday I rode with Tony , keith , jodie , les and Hanna .we rode round the river and then onto Shelley and back to the city and Claremont before heading to Subiaco (brew Ha Ha coffeeshop) for coffee. It was roughly 80km. it was a slow ride with 3-4 hard sprints in the ride. During the week I did no training on Tuesday and missed the morning ride unfortunately as I was just too tired.I ran on Wednesday at lunch time up to Kings Park and on the sand track .it was a 50 min run . Had my swim session in the evening and did a 2.5km workout.On Thursday I rode to work and then round the river and back home in the evening a total of 70km .On Friday I had a run at Lunch time and did a 10km run in approximately 55 minutes and then a swim session in the evening .Did another 2.5 km set with a warmup and then 50m x 40 laps with a 10s rest.I had cramps midway and that slowed me up but I managed to maintain a fairly consistent rate .

I felt very comfortable doing the set and wasn't struggling as I usually do. That was the ray of sunshine for the week.

It is now approxiamtely 3 weeks to the Half ironman and Iam looking forward to the race.