Sunday, May 2, 2010

Busselton Half - Ironman 2010

This weekend I finished my 4th Busselton half Ironman in 5H 24M 46 sec. It was the 25th anniversary of the WA Long Course event . It was a wonderful day and great conditions.Unfortunately I wasn't able to do a PB but I am happy with my results .
I did have a first in so far as being called up for drafting on my last lap.Without going into the gory details ,it was the last lap of a two lap course and I was trying to slow down after someone overtook me but not quick enough. I was in mild shock and that threw me for a few minutes .

I had a pretty good preparation other than my lack of run fitness although I think I was a little quicker this year , and my weight was really just too high to sustain a competitive result.

But it was a good start and whilst I did not do a PB it was really a start to the preparation for IMWA 2010 and beyond.I would liked to have done a PB but that will have to wait till next year .The focus now is to have a break and then start losing weight in the lead up to December.

My riding is going well and I think I can continue to make small improvements in my swim . The running will now have to get some attention . It was a mixed bag of results for most .Some did exceedingly well and others didn't .It is part of the mix.Anything and everything can happen.I unfortunately will always struggle to get optimum results as my swimming is so bad and I probably expend alot of energy getting through the swim and it impacts on my bike and run times. Having said that I am stuck with the engine I have and I just have to tweak it the best I can.With the 5 min penalty I got my bike leg wasn't too bad at 2.43.I believe I can build and improve on that in the next 6 months. I hope to start more dedicated run training and hopefully that will reap the improved results.

The biggest challenge is to be able to get my weight down .With that I believe i will be able to improve on my run times .

I will post pictures and some further stories in the next few days about the weekend. Lots of Characters and wonderful people that I meet at these events.

Not least was Bob Thomas a paraplegic who has been competing as an able bodied triathlete before his accident in 1991 and subsequently since the late 90s as a disabled triathlete in the hand cycle category.

Makes all our quibbles about training and race results insignificant.

The results:

HH : MM : SS
Overall : 907
Gender : 686
Category : 87


HH : MM : SS
Overall : 544
Gender : 479
Category : 58


HH : MM : SS
Overall : 500
Gender : 417
Category : 49

Finish Time

HH : MM : SS
Overall : 544
Gender : 459
Category : 54