Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Weekend Workout

My long weekend in an easy week comprised doing absolutely nothing on Good Friday as far as training was concerned .On Saturday morning I rode to Tony's place and then we did a ride round the river and Mt Henry bridge before heading back to his place.The wind was pretty strong in parts and it was a very low average ride with my computer at about 27Kph. We did hit the freeway cycle path with a wind behind us and averaged over 40kph for the 8 km stretch.

Once we got back to Tony's place we got our runners on and headed to King's park for a 50 minute run .We stopped at the DNA Tower in Kings Park and Keith did 6 runs up the Tower whilst I managed 5 .The group back together again and we headed back to Tony's place for breakfast.It was a hard run as part of the track was on sand in a gradual climbing gradient and my quads were sore from running up the tower.

The View from the DNA Tower:

The DNA Tower , King's Park , Perth

I managed to keep up with Keith although he had about a 75 meter lead when we were running through through the sand path.After breakfast I cycled home.

Total training time was 4 hours with 3.10 cycle and 50 mins run .

On Sunday , I headed down to Tony's place and then to Cottesloe for our weekly swim.The weather was not the best but in the end we all decided to have a short swim to the "needle " out in front of the TeaHouse .It was pretty rough and took me a while to get pass the surf break .The water was surprisingly warm and it was just the size of the waves.We will do a proper swim tomorrow.

Cottesloe Beach 4 April 2010

In the evening I did a 1.5 hr run and managed a good and consistent pace. The weather was really cool with overcast skies .Feeling a little better about my running after tonight.I turned back a little earlier as I was just dying to have a pee on the run which made running alot more difficult.Not my fastest run but under the circumstances it was good. I was not pushing hard and had enough reserve to go on despite not having any fluids or nutrition. I hope to step up the pace a little next week and aim for a 5 to 5.30 per km pace .