Thursday, June 4, 2009

Steve Larsen/Mongoose Bicycle TV Ads 1999 1 of 2

On May 19, 2009 former world class cyclist and triathlete Steve Larsen left us suddenly at the age of 39. And while he's widely known and defined by his athletic legacy, his accolades, awards and accomplishments are really just a small glimpse of Steve the person. These are six of the 12 Steve Larsen TV ads for Mongoose Bikes that aired throughout the 1999 Tour de France on ESPN. What I love about these first six--the more casual spots--is that you get some sense of who Steve was off the bike. The ads were created by Rudy Magnani, Justin Daab and Brian Riley at Magnani Continuum Marketing. I worked at Mongoose at the time and played a small role in their creation...and was lucky enough to work with Steve--something for which I will forever be proud.
- Dongoose
May 27, 2009