Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Journey begins

My last week of training began with a run in the evening arounf the neighbourhood .It was a 50 min run in the drab darkness with rain for company.Then on to swim squad .I did a 2.5km session .
Tuesday was a spin round the river with a sprint at pointwalter which i manage dto keep up with and as the sessions had progressively reduced I felt quite geared up and it felt good going hard.There was no rain as well.
On wednesday morning it rained in the morning so i skipped the swim session but went in the evening and it rained as well.Did another 2.5 km session.

Thursday was a rest day and on friday 26 june 2009 I ran an easy 40 min session and then swamafter that.did 2.2km .

Saturday morning before the flight ,instead of riding outside I did a WT session for 2 hrs covering 72km.Watched the IM Kona 2005 race and part of the tough love spinervals session by coach troy.

Flew off to singapore late was a cold and wet day.Thankfully all the training was done before the wet weather.