Sunday, June 7, 2009

Easy Week

1 June 2009
It is 35 days to Ironman Austria and Iam now over the last hard block of training although the taper still has a few long rides and some intense workouts as it should be after reading Chukie v article on the taper ,unless I am training mark allens training regime of 20-40 hrs a week .

Monday was a public holiday and I met up with Tony at Cott to swim .we did the swim past Blue duck Cafe and back .Close to 2km.In the evening i did a 1h20 min easy run round light street park .

Tuseday morning had th eusual ride is was cool but no rain during the ride.Started of with rod and Julianna and the fast group caught up with us after the first lap and then we hung on to them and did a few turns at the front as well.felt good and reasonably strong .it was suppose to be an easy 2 hr ride but managed to keep up.Aerages 35kpg with the slow ride out to nedlands .Was averaging close to 40kph on the 2.5 laps after the 2 groups merged.

wed turned out to be a rest day as swimming was cancelled and I could not run because the weather was foul so I ran on thursday doing a 1 hr run with 6 x 1min effforts.
On friday did a swim session in the morning .
Sat had an easy long ride of 120km but ended doing 111km .Got up late as i did not sleep muchthe night before .Started off at 4.50am and rode to subiaco then on to west perth and across the city to Tomato lake off orrong road and from there the group of chevron riders headed to kalamunda up whelshpool road and then a loop round kalamunda although we got up to the observatory at Bickley and then turned round back the same way before heading back to kalamunda.Had coffee and then down zig zag and back to orrong road and home .
Ran for an hour in the afternoon .

Full Taper begins from 8 June .