Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The End Is Near....

The week commencing 15 June was the second week of my taper.I had my swim session in the morning and we did approximately2.5km with some drills .

In the evening I had a run of 1.10 mins and again it was cold and got dark way too quickly but i felt I was managing a comfortable pace and not feeling too bad.

Tuesday I had my usual session with the group riding . we all met at Shelley where it was an hour of hard riding .It was dark for most of it and the group started of with approximately 12 riders before a few fell off.I kept up the pace and took my turn at the front for most of the ride till the end.My computer had us averaging 40.5kph for the hour.I ended up doing 75km for the morning and very pleased with how I felt for the whole session which was strong.

Wednesday 17 June 2009 I had a swim session and again did about 2.5km. It was cold and surreal with the steam coming from the pool as swimmers just moved up and down the lanes.
I try to focus on my stroke all the time and feel Iam moving more comfortably in the water .Ross believes I have to build my strength to get a more powerful stroke in my swim which will make me move faster thru the water.

In the evening I ran for an hour with 3 x 4min efforts and 4 mins easy run in between . ran round the neighbourhood.

Thursday 18 June turned out to be a rest day as it was wet and I stayed in instead of a 2 hr high cadence ride.
On friday I skipped the swim and did a run in the evening...running easy for an 1.15.

Saturday 20 june 2009 was to be my last longish ride but with the weather being what it was ....foul I ended up on the computrainer doing the IM Germany course for 1.45
I only stopped cause my son Jonathan kept interrupting the session and he wanted my laptop to watch his DVDs .

I ended up doing another short ride on sunday just to get a little more volume of riding in but it was a cold and wet day and after an hour I headed home.It was pointless and I had already done some fairly long rides. Probably not as many or as long as I wanted.
reading Gordo's recent training article on Xtri ...I really need to be riding 150% of the race distance and just under my aerobic threshold .Easier said than done but the results of some of the athletes he has trained with look equally impressive.But it will take time and as iam only in my 3rd year of tris I think I have a long way to go before I have built up my cycling and running legs.

Iam disappointed that I have not dropped as much weight and I probably go into IM Austria at 74 kg 5 kgs more than I wanted...although most friends have said I have lost weight.