Sunday, May 31, 2009

The End is Near

The last hard week began as always with me sleeping in and skipping the swim training.
As ross wasn't back it was an easy decision with most of the squad having a break as well.

I did do my long medium pace run of 2 the evening finishing the run 10 min shy of the 2 hr.I did approx 19.5 km and felt ok but not great.

Tuesday 26 May 2009 I was at Nedlands for the standard 1.5 hr hard ride.Did the ride alone as the others were doing a time trial .Finished with 4.5 laps and did 65 km overall.
Wed 27 May
Went for swim training.everyone still on break and there was only 3 of us in my lane did 2.5km with
warm up and drill 1km
300 x 5 = 1500m

Did my wed run with 1.15h with intevals of 2 x 10min at threshold and the rest easy..

skipped early ride and did a windtrainer for 1.15 coach troy spineral.

29May 2009
Swim training again 2.5km

200m back and free with fins
150free 50 back x3
underwater swim and free x 4 200m
400m easy,300 firm, 200 medium, 100m fast 100 medley and 100 medium 100 easy.

30 May 2009
Got up really early for the last long ride .started off at 5am and planned to ride up to Toodgay .It was dark for the first 1.5 hrs and riding along reid Hwy and up Redhill wasn't fun .It was fairly cold so I was glad I had my long sleve jersey and gloves.Got to gidgee by 6.30 and then struggled with the rolling hills to toodgay and went 4km out from the town before turning round and had a short break at the town.

Then started back at 88km mark and planned to head through to mundaring but in the end just cycled back the same way .Had another pitstop at gidgee and a sandwich which helped .Got down reasonably well .the wind was relatiely strong throughout but managed to get up to 60km downhill.

Had 3 pee stops and then headed home via reid and tonkin hwy .Unfortunately at 165km had a tire blow out .

The tire cut through and managed to replace the tube but the inner tube was blowing out through the cut when I pumped the tire so I was forced to cut short the ride as it was just too soft and I couldn't pump the tire up properly .Got home having done just under 170 km . Ran off the bike for an hour easy and felt ok.

End of the week.Rest day on sunday.Felt really tired after the 7.5 hrs yesterday and slept ery well .Legs felt tired after the Sat ride and run.
Decided better to just hae a break as planned in the programme.

will run on Monday. and swim at Cott.

The Iron Nun Sister Buder
At 78 she is still triathloning.if she can anyone can.