Monday, April 20, 2009


monday 20 April 2009
Skipped swimming in the morning and did a long run at easy/medium pace .It was an overcast day and cool .
Did ok but had issues again with the groin and feeling some discomfort but did not slow down the pace.

as usual hard ride started a little lat and got to nedland just after 5.30 am
Had the zipps on to check them out and the back wheel was losing air so i had to pump the tire up with one of the canisters and it did hold or was a very slow leak.It was the valve probably as subsequently sent it in for a service and it was fine.
Did approx 65km and 4.5 laps of the nedlands course .the last lap and a bit held on to the front group and felt good.

swim in the morning and did normal warmup and 1900 plus 200.
again felt reasinably good and kept up with some of the swimmers and wasn't too far behimd the front group ...150/200 metres.

i skipped the bike ride and just did the intervals at NCTC training in the evening.
800m warmup
1 x 1200
4 x 800
3 x 400
and a warm down
managed an average of 1.25-1.35 for the 400m runs and 3.10-.320 for the 800m runs

felt good but the groin was sore as the next day .

Put it down to very tight lower back and need to stretch better and more often.

Did a swim session in the evning and skipped the run

long ride of 165 km but on the flats down the freeway ...not so crowded today as it was ANZAC day
saw Roger and rob on the freeway.
Was feeling fatiguied at points but kept up my nutirtion and no cramping issues.
The ride was good accept my computer froze so did not have a clue what speed I was doing. Got of the bike feeling ok and ran for an hour easy .

was supposed to be a rest day but decided to do a 50 in run and rode to Cott for a lift back though.

Its all downhill after this week for a short taper before Busso Half.