Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The long ride was approx 145 km in the hills same old route and I did my head in .It was a slow and mentally draining affair.I got back before 1pm after 5.30 hrs just drained and could not bring myself to run .
Rested the rest of the day and did nothing on sunday as it was a rest day .on Monday 13 April I went to cott for a swim and did ok with a 1.5km swim probably in 35 min

was suppose to run in the evening but it was raining
Tuesday morning was the usual ride in nedlands.started very early to the city at 5am and rode out to nedlands and statred the 1.5hrs hard ride.The fast group did not catch up with me and i joined the 6am group and kept up with them after doing 20km Did 57km in the 1.5 hrs and overall 75 km in just over 2 hrs.Averages approx 34kph for the 1.5hrs which wasn't too bad

Was going to make up the run i missed to day but decided to rest.
did my usual swim training on wednesday morning. its still pretty dark at 6am but by the time we finish its nice and bright .i tend to be able to keep up with the rest of the group in my lane so i must be improving .did approx 2.4km today .
i ran in the evening the 1.45 hr run i was supposed to do on Monday and felt good.Only had to rush home to use the toilet as there was none in sight . Averaged approximately 5.50 min per km .

Only issue was some discomfort I have had since december in the groin which is referred from the back as there were no tears or tissue damage from an ultrasound I had done some months ago.just have to make sure i strecth properly and have started oin getting some physio which has helped.

On Thursday , 16 april, I did a windtrainer session for just over an hour with Coach troys sponervals and kept a high cadence .than went to interval training at hillary's run by kim vivian for the NCTC .It was a tough session of 22 x 400m sprints on 2.15m .I was exhausted at the end of that session.
friday had a swim workout with
100m freestyle warmup
3 x 50 free, 50 back, 50 breast
200 firm free
1900 m free with pullbuoy
I did 2km and the warm up.
In the evening did an easy 1.10 hr run around light street park

On Saturday 18 april had teh freeway ride which was noranda-down reid hwy to westcoast then on to free - round the river to applecross thenon to mt henry down to the end of the fgreeway and back thrugh shenton park parry lake and back through west coast drive and reid.
Did 157 km in 5.40 .i then ran for 45 min easy.
the ride was ok and had period where i felt fatigued and should have kept my carbo intake up.
but iam getting there.The ride helped my sanity despite the cold wet conditions ,saw familiar faces on the freeway .

Sunday was a big rest day .TGIS.