Friday, April 10, 2009

hard april begins

The week commencing 5 april was the start of the harder weeks leading up to the half ironman at busselton.
I had a swim in the morning and a run in the evening but skipped the swim and did the run in the arvo. It was pretty warm and had a 1.45 run did approx 17 km in 1.40 felt good
tuesday started with the usual 2 hr ride but with 1.5 hr loops at nedlands at speed.managed to do 4.5 loops and averaged 34kph total milage 62.6km

wed was a swim session in the morning did a total of 2.4km
500m of 100free and 100 medley
300m catchup 50m and free 50 m
2 x400m firm
2 x 350 firm
100m cooldown

thursday I skipped the bike ride and did the run training

1200m warm up
800 m warm up
5 x 1km at avearge 4.10 with 2 min rest
5 x 400m 2.15 pace avearged 1.34

Friday was Good friday so it was public holiday and got up early and did a ride to kings park easy avearged 24 kph did laps around kings park and then to Tonys and on to Cottlesloe by car for a swim session
met lots of triathletes swimming.there was paul newsomes gp , robyns group and those swimming at Terry tyzacks and us .

Did a 1.5k swim and felt good .managed to keep up with T and T .

rode back from subi after coffee and buns

in the arvo did a slow run for 45 min was supposed to be 1.10

long ride etomorrow....