Monday, April 8, 2019

Week 12 Bluff Knoll Mark 2

Pictures of Bluff Knoll on 30 March 2019

This week and the past month has been a big training week . This week culminated in another weekend down at the Stirling Ranges and a long day on Bluff Knoll.

Monday 25 March. Usual Kokoda trail at Kings Park with a run from the office and back .Did 9 repeats for about 500m of elevation .A little slower with the climbs .Each repeat took me about 6 minutes .

Tuesday Easy wind trainer for 20km in 35 minutes.

Wednesday Tempo run of 13km .I did not warm up just ran the first 9km at a hard pace but averaged about 5.30 mins per km .Still short of my fastest pace 2 years ago .Not so sure if it is the weight or just lack of speed work over the last 2 years . Or a year ago managed the bridges run in 51 minutes . but the overall run of 13 km was in 5.48 pace

Thursday An easy recovery run of 10km at 7.10 min pace.

Friday .Rest day to get down to Stirling Ranges .I did managed a quick hike up Mt Trio before it gor dark for 2.25km and 314m of elevation.

Saturday .A big day started off by myself on Bluff Knoll .It was getting light but missed the sunrise on the top.

Started out and got to the top in about 1hr and then the descent in 45 minutes .Slow but steady .The second repeat was about the same I did face plant on the way down as I tried to quicken the pace .Luckily no injury .
A few fast runners went up once.There was Shane Johnstone with a Gopro .Impressive runner who won Bloated Goat 2 weeks ago in 3.04 and also did the Bibbulman track 1000km in 11 days . He did not come back down so may have gone running along the ridge. The weather was great. The third lap was slower and the last lap about 2.15 for an overall 7.58 for the four laps and 25.4km .I managed 2627 m of elevation . Legs and quads in particular were tired. Had lots of salt and food and water this time round .Could have gone faster but would have blown up earlier.So overall pleased with the effort .Did not suffer as much as last trip.

After a shower at the Stirling Range Retreat , I headed to Albany .Rest of the day just recovering and dinner. .Legs were dead tired and slept for a few hours before waking  from the soreness but managed another few hours before waking.

Stairs all 500 at Wind Farm Albany 31 March 2019

On Sunday morning met up with Bill and Judy for a drive to the Albany Wind Farm and an hour of stairs.Beautiful day and location . Did 6.75 repeats for 530 m of elevation and 2.7 km .

There was time for a quick walk around Mt Clarence in Albany site of the ANZAC Memorial and the museum . before heading back to Perth .

Memorial to Light Horsemen First World War

For the week did 62km with 4200m of elevation

For the month I managed 9600m of elevation. A massive month of training and hopefully will help in the back half of the UTA 100. Even the arms were sore after the weeks training.

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