Monday, July 31, 2017

Day 8 Pyrennes Tour 2017

at the start on ride to Garvanie
Riding in the valley to Garvanie
The switchbacks on the climb up Col de tentes
The ragged cliffs of Col De tentes
At the top of  Col de Tentes at 2115 m after a 30 km ride

Another day of riding. the weather looked overcast in the morning and there might be rain.Fortunately we started out with the weather being good and today we were riding to the Uneco listed village of Garvanie and the climb was to the top of Col De Tentes at 2215m , the highest climb we will be doing on the trip. Despite the gentle climb for the first 20km to the village of Garvanie , the climb to Col de tentes turned out to be pretty tough with the last 10km averaging 6.5% and a few 10 and 9.5% climbs with wind.I was really slow taking 1.45 to climb the mountain and the legs were pretty much done.

The last 5km were pretty relentless not for the gradient but the winds and the constant grinding n the dead roads.

Happy to have made it to the top especially with a 20km gentle climb of 4.5% and then the 10km to the top .More French Alp in views with start cliff face rock and we were right on the border with Spain today .

After the pcture taking at the top it was a 10km descent to the town of Garvanie for lunch with the group and then a quick toru of the village and the gentle downhll ride back to the hotel..our biggest climb with 2115 m and 62km with 30 climbing today.

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