Monday, July 31, 2017

Day 6 & 7 Pyrennes Tour 2017

The Climb up Hautacam

Today we moved to a new town . Drove over the tourmalet on 28 july 2017 to get to Hotel Montagu at Luz Saint Saveur , a beautiful town at the base of the great Tourmalet a climb in TDF folklore at 2115m.

There was a short ride up to the Superbagneres in the morning but I had a rest day as the legs were pretty dead after the 3 rides .Instead it was a lesuirely morning breakfast then packing the bikes and cars and after lunch at Luchon we drove the 145km to the new base for the next 5 nights.

we had a stop on Tourmalt and took some pictures .The climb does look hard with a few really steep climbs.

After dinner at the hotel and an early nights sleep , it was back riding the next day , Saturdat 29 July.Today we were riding up the hautacam,another TDF climb .It is only 1615 m but like all the climbs I haven't been able to say any were easy.

We started out at 8.30 with an easy downhill ride to the base of the hautacam which was a 20km ride from our hotel and then we just started the 16 km climb up to the top ( see the climbing cyclist website for the statistics )

At the top after pictures we made our way down with some french riders . I kept the speed of the descent under check as there was a fair bit of traffic and one of the french riders ended up in a ditch as he crashed but was fortunate in not being injured.

I followed their line for the most part till the crash.I managed to get a max speed of 70.8kph..We had lunch in the town at the base before cycling the 20km back to our hotel.Managed 68km and 4.5 hpurs on the saddle. Legs were a little tired.

The rest of the day was just relaxing and laundry and having a nap. The legs needed the rest. Tomorrow another climb .