Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Day 9 Ride to Lux Ardiden

the top of the climb with the clouds below
At he top of Lux Ardiden
Todays short climb was a 15 km ascent of the Lux Ardiden which was just at the doorstep of our village and hotel.We left a little later than usual with the climb starting at 1.5km into the ride, a straight 14 km climb with a few steep bits and just a long slow climb for me.There was a bit f low clouds and fogs but after the 8km mark we broke through the clouds and that made for a pretty scenic climb with the switchbacks and clouds below as I climbed towards the top.Took me over 1.5 hours so was a little slow going and my garmin died onthe way up. After the pictures we all decended in to the fog which meant a slower downhill for me .Made it back to the hotel by 11.45..Just 30km of riding today.Then it was off to lourdes in the afternoon.