Friday, July 28, 2017

Pyrennes Cycling tour 2017 Col De Peyresourde

Today was a short climb up to Col De Peyresourde .There was a mch longer ride over to the other side of 65 and 92 km but by the time I got to the top I knew my legs were just too tired to go further. i took the easy option anddecided I will just have a break .

It was not as tough as yesterday but still any climb was hard with tired legs and the lack of any training in the elad upmade it harder . The ride was pleasant and the scenery pretty like any of the climbs in the Pyrennes.

just glad it was a short 28km. At the top we had a break with crepes and then a fast decent straight into town Got up to 65kph but did not dare go any faster . Found the legs and body sluggish and tired today .

This is a good link to describe the Col de Peyresourde

Tomorrow (28Jul) a short ride but have decded to have a non- ride day.

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