Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Week 15 Easter Parade

A short working week with the Easter long weekend .Following the long run on Sunday , Monday was a 15 km run which I did in 2 sections .The first at Lunchtime with 7.5 km and the remaining run in the evening , slow and easy with a total of 1.45 h .

Tuesday , wind-trainer session on Zwift with 15km in a short 30 minute session

Wednesday decided to rest.
Thursday at lunchtime did a 5km run with 8 repeats of Kokoda for 480m of elevation then in the evening a short 40 min cross fit session.

Friday at Jacobs ladder and Mount street with 6 repeats of Jacobs and 5 of Mount Street for 440 m of elevation and  5.6km .made it home by 9am for Easter Friday church service

Saturday I was suppose to ride but had a sleep in but did do cross fit in the afternoon .

Douglas Road
The start  at Lion's Retreat off Whelspool Road





Sunday Long run at the Lion's Lookout at Whelshpool road and went for 4 hours along some steep trails with lots of gravel and honky nuts .Managed only 21km with 785m of elevation according to the Garmin.In the evening I ran for another 72 minutes for 9km on tired legs making for 5 hours of running on Sunday .

Total for the week 55km with about 1700m of elevation.

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