Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week 16 Have I done Enough

Bad Moon Rising - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2

After the Easter Sunday with a public holiday on Monday , I managed to have another run in the hills. This time at Kalamunda with a short 2 hour run of 12 km

Beautiful day and the weather as great  . Even with the hills around it was just only  about 400m of climbing in 12km
start of the Kalamunda run in the town

the sunrise

The trails called Bilbulman
Tuesday  I had a rest and did not do any running or cycling.

Wednesday , I did a run at lunch time with 4 repeats of the Kokoda trail and then in the evening another 4 repeats and a run to Mount Street for 9km and 520m .

Thursday again no training .

Friday , again same run at Lunchtime for 4 repeats at Kokoda and then in the evening ran up Mount Street 6 times for 480 m elevation and 9km .

Saturday , CRT ride round the river with 75 km and managed to take a few turns on the front and did not smash the legs too much.

Sunday , long run but this week it was only 3.5 hrs and mainly on the flats along the river , city and Kings Park. I covered just under 25km and about 300 m of elevation. The week was about 1700m and 55km of running.Low by last years standard but a lot more elevation . 

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