Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week 14 Last Build 3-9 April 2017

View of Perth from King's Park at the end of the Sunday run

View from the top of Kokoda Trail where most of the elevation is gained

There is now less then 7 weeks to Ultra Trail Australia 100. Last 4 weeks of training before tapering for the race.

In running and looking at elevation what has been missing this year is huge mileage and hours . It has been a consistent 7-8 hours of running plus cross fit and cycling . There have been no injuries and the only issue is whether for a stronger finish I need to be running 7-8 hours .This race will tell ?

This week

Easy 10km run today after the 5 hour run the day before. Just flat easy running/. I did 11km .
Tuesday and Wednesday I did  not train .

Thursday I did a 70 min run with 8 repeats of Kokoda for 480m of elevation and about 7 km run. Then a windtrainer session on Zwift.

Friday a short 40 minutes running along the river for 5.5 km .
Saturday did the CRT ride as usual but rode to Raffles and turned around for a 55km ride rather than 75km ride .

Start of Sunday's run 9 April 2017

Trinity College
cycle path along East Perth

Perth's New stadium about to be completed

Windam Bridge

Path along the swam at Langley Park

Elizabeth Quay

Mount Street


Sunday a big run at Kings Park .We ran for 5hours with a loop round to the Swan and then back to Kings Park where I did 12 repeats of Kokoda and 9 repeats of Mounts Street for a total elevation of 1100 plus the elevation through the run possibly another 100m for 1200 and total distance of  28km.

This week little elevation other than the long run and mileage of 50kms.Pretty low mileage compared to last year but a lot more elevation and hopefully that will be the difference to a stronger finish .

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