Friday, September 2, 2016

Week 11 Getting Close

Mundaring Weir Saturday Morning 13 august 2016

Enjoying her water
Molly on Sunday Hike in John Forrest

Monday a sort of defacto rest day as I was just tired after the Sunday work outs .

Tuesday , managed to join the Exceed crew at the Narrows for a 2 hour session with a time trial out to Nedlands and then we did loops around a 8.5km circuit managing 3 and a bit laps and I finished with just over 50kms including a slow return to the city but I grouped up with 3 of the Exceed girls and just took turns at the front but 2 dropped off and then there was just me and Liz Sinclair before she had to go to work so the last half-hour was me struggling a lone . Jason Rhine training for the Worlds 70.3 whizzed by at 40kph with Mike Kent on his back wheel and they looked very strong . there was the Running Centre group cycling around and time trialing , all in the dark as I could only see the road in the last 15 minutes before we headed back to the city . In the evening I rode out to cross fit and had a half hour session .There was a bit of rain about and it was chilly. The cross fit session was just 5 rounds of dumb bells with

15 clean n jerks with 3kg dumb bells
5 dumb bell push ups
30 dumb bell curls
30 boxing with dumbells

then rode home making it an 85 km ride with the cross fit

Wednesday another early start ,running to the pool 5km and swimming 2km straight with the pull buoy and running to the office 6km with 5kms at between 5.06 mins per km to 5.25 mins per km then a slow last km recovery. In the evening a very painful massage with lots of sore points in the leg and back.

Thursday I managed a good rest and in the evening a solid wind trainer session with the main set of 3 x 9 mins at 216 watts .

Friday an easy run of 8km and then a swim 3km with :
400 easy
400 paddles
400 PB & paddles
25 x 60 with 3 hard 1 easy
300 easy recovery.

Saturday .Great weather and a 3.5 hr ride in the hills followed by a 5km run off the bike and then cross fit in the afternoon .

Sunday , I did a 1.40 m run really easy as the legs were tired .Finished with 13km and then swam in the evening with a 2km swim .

The training has increased with over 200km of riding and  lots of climbing , 17 hours all in so the volume has gone up a little.