Monday, September 12, 2016

WEEK 12 & 13 August 15-28

Molly Saturday 

Let the Sunshine In -The Fifth Dimension (Hair)

The next few weeks are usually the big build and the long rides cranking up to 5hours or more.

The wet weather was certainly making training this winter a lot harder than usual.The spirit tends to wax and wain  despite this being Kona.

The work week started much the same with a swim session and an easy 2000m swim with a straight session of non stop swimming.Tuesday I rode to cross fit and also ran 5kms and then had a cross fit session before riding home. Cross fit was back squats from 30 to 50kgs , with at least 100 squats .

Wednesday I had a run to the pool and then to work about 70 minutes in total and the pool session was just a short 1600m with various drills. In the afternoon a short easy 5km run. Thursday a hard wind trainer session with the Kickr and Traineroad. Basically 2x 7 mins at threshold and then 2x 5mins at 105% FTP and then 3 Mins at FTP . Struggled a bit with fatigue at the end and maintaining the levels. Friday a 3km swim and easy run.

On Saturday not feeling a 100% so opted for a run and swim 13km run and 1600m swim and then cross fit for 30 minutes.Started getting a cold and by Sunday had aches and I was down with the dreaded flu which meant I was out for the whole of the next week unfortunately.It had been through the population and was a lot worse this year possibly because of the cold wet weather . I admit I had it reasonably mild but just could not train particularly as I needed to get rid of it quickly and not let it linger.I did visit the Doctor and had antibiotics after 8 days and that helped with the chest and lungs .

Not a lot of training but life goes on.

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