Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Week 10


The time is rolling by quickly , the workouts colder and harder . It is now week 10 and there is just 9 weeks or so before I am hopefully at the start line in Kona.

I have been keeping to some of the core workouts but mixing up the training as and when I have felt fatigued . This week was particularly hard mentally and I have not quite done all the work outs missing the Saturday workout and skipping the long run . But I think I needed the rest as the legs were feeling the workouts particularly the wind trainer sessions .

Monday was the optional swim day . Had a break . Tuesday the usual ride to cross fit and then an hour session:

Did 5 rounds of
15 dead lifts
10 clean squats
5 push press
3 front squats using 35kg bar

Rode home after cross fit .On Wednesday I ran to the swimming pool starting with a slow jog and did a 2.5km session in the pool with 
400m warm up then 400m without PB
60 x 25 with 3 hard 1 easy =1500m
200 cool down

Then ran to the office with 5kms at medium to hard pace.Did not have the Garmin so just went on feel and I had to stop at the lights . 

Thursday was just a Road Trainer session with 75 minutes on a program called Stromlo-1 with 4 x 8mins at 216 watts . 

Friday an easy run of 8km and then in the evening a swim  with a straight 3km swim .

Saturday , I just had an easy day with just the cross fit :
Two rounds of the set of exercises ,doing each one for 5 minutes with 2 mins recovery 
triceps dips
knee raises  and warm up 15 mins

Sunday , I had a big day of training with 3.5 hours on the wind trainer , I did a 2.5 hr session then ran off the bike for 10kms , lunch and then a swim of 1500m and then back on the bike for another hour with a run of 2km off the bike. All in about 5.15 hrs of training. Made up for Saturday's rest day.