Monday, September 19, 2016

Week14 & 15

Saturday Instead of a bike ride

Its Alright-End of the line

A big week trying to get back into training after the flu.

Monday whilst still struggling with the chest and wheezing a bit I did a 4km swim .It was a pretty nice day and actually got a little sunburnt .Then went to the Drs for antibiotics and in the evening did a windtrainer session on trainer road with 4 x 10 minutes at 200watts .Tuesday I went down to the Exceed ride but it was an easy river loop as the main triathletes were heading to the World 70.3 championships.It was a pretty easy ride but I was still struggling a bit with the cold air and my flu. In the evening I rode to cross fit and then had a good 30 minute session of bench press with 25 to 50kgs and starting with 10 reps and down to 2-3s with the heavier weights.Then the ride home.

Wednesday , run to the pool and then a swim of 2.2kms and then a fast run to the office .managed to get the pace at about 5.20 with 1km under 5 minutes but again coughing from the cold air and the rain at the end.In the afternoon an easy 5km run.

Thursday a windtrainer session with 3 x 14 minutes at 130 to 150 watts. Friday an easy run of 9km and then 2.1km swim

Saturday a late start and rode a lone down the Freeway bikepath to Mandurah and back 5 hours but just 125km with the traffic and some wind.Ran off the bike and felt better .Still a bit of coughing and in the afternoon did cross fit with just a 25 minute boxing session.

Sunday ran from Burns Beach for 2.5 hours .Managed 22 kms at about 6.50 minutes per km .A little slow but managed to finish on tired legs . In the afternoon a slow 2km swim in the pool.

Did a full week and 21 hours with about 260kms of biking and 50km of running .

The next week started out again with a swim session of 3km .The main set was 75m fast 25 easy for 1500m then Pullbuoy and paddles and cooldown. Tuesday I did a windtrainer session with 1min on and 1 min recovery and all out effort for 15 repeats then 10 minutes on a thread mill again at 5.30 mins per km . In the evening did another windtriner session and cross fit for 30 minutes.

Wednesday I ran on the threadmill with 2 x 1 min @8% ,5 mins flat,2mins @6% ,5mins flat , 3 mins @4% and 5  mins flat  and then 10 mins cooldown .In the evening a massage.Skipped the swim because of the rain . Thursday a wind trainer session with again maintaining above FTP pace and found it pretty hard with my lingering chest infection.

Friday I ran an easy 8km and then swam 3.5kms with 15 x 50m fast 50m recovery as the main set.

Unfortunately Saturday and Sunday were non starters and I just felt mentally really tired.

Two more big weeks and have to crank out the mileage .

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