Thursday, May 5, 2016


Running at Trigg on Monday ANZAC Day 2016

Molly at the Trigg after the run on a cold wet day

Zamia Trails View towards the City Sunday's long run


The hard work is done and the Tapering week starts . This week was a short training week with 8 hours in total of running.On Monday it was a public Holiday 25 April 2016 and so I had an easy short run of 5.75km at Trigg on the limestone trails in the rain with Molly and everyone else. Molly also had a swim at the beach and a dog bath at Furbabies cafe after the run and swim.

On Tuesday , I ran an easy 5.5km on the treadmill and had cross fit in the evening 1 hour with just core strength exercises and 100 bench press , 100 sit-ups and 100 dead lifts , 100  ring rows .Sore arms for a few days.

Wednesday I ran an easy 60 minutes at King's Park and did 7 km and then on Thursday a 90 minute session in the evening with 12 repeats of mount Street and one of Malcolm street for about 800m of elevation and 12km .

Friday an easy flat run of 8km and Saturday an easy 70 minute run and 8.5 km with 45 minutes cross fit session in the afternoon .Sunday we were at Zamia and ran for 2 hours with 30 minutes 45 secs faster than the long run pace. I managed to get the 5kms I did between 5.37 min/km and 6.18 mins/km pace .Finished with 16.4 km and did a fair bit of undulating trails in Zamia.

Saturday's WOD
Ultimately the work load and running is tapering , hence the nice word TAPER .The work is done and not much to be gained by pushing out huge miles and lots to lose . If there is anything to be learnt it is to start to relax and focus on pulling all the logistics needed. To focus on nutrition and strategy for the race.

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Have a Mental strategy