Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WEEK 17 Not Long Now Or Are We There YET ?


Molly at Kings Park on Saturday before the Monday ANZAC Day Service

Trigg Trails ( Monday 25 April 2016  run ) So wasn't really part of this weeks training but the picture shows the trails run on Saturday's run

17 Weeks in and it is 3 weeks to go before the Ultra-Trail Australia 100 at Scenic World Katoomba in the Blue Mountains ,New South Wales.

My 2nd 100km race and the second time I am running this course. I have now passed 1200 km of running and despite a mild scare of sore calf and tendon , the rest and drop in running last week , anti inflammatories and rolling seemed to have worked. No speed work this week just some hill repeats and the legs have stood up. The weight has been good and dropped to 67.5 kg but has been stable at 68 kg to 68.5kg which is the lowest I have been in 5 years .

Monday : I did a short 6 km run at lunch and in the evening I backed it up with a 6km run in the cold with Molly .The I did a recovery wind trainer session for 30 minutes just spinning the legs at high cadence  .

Tuesday : Another easy run of 7km and in the evening rode home via Bassendean  and then rode to work the next day for about 35kms. On Wednesday day I ran to Kings Park and then did 10 repeats of Mount street , 65 m and about 400m in length and with the run up Malcolm street was probably about 700m and 9km in running distance, In the evening I did an extra 6km with Molly . Thursday , ran 7km at lunch and then rode to cross fit but skipped the session and rode home for 35 km and then rode to work again the next morning for 47km in total .I ran again to Kings Park via Kokoda Trail and then 10 descents of Mount Street going down as fast as I could manage but only running up 2/3 of the way and walking the rest . The total distance done 9.5km and about 700m of elevation.

pictures from DNA Tower on Sunday.Kings Park

Saturday , an easy run at Trigg for 70 minutes and 8.5km along the limestone trails. In the afternoon did a 45 minute cross fit session with 30 repeats of various exercises including overhead squats with 15kg bar , push ups GHDs, wall balls, sit ups , rows , slam balls  and then practiced my kipping but only managed 2 pull ups at a  time .On Sunday , back to Kings Park with 3 hours running around the Park and along the river before 6 repeats of Kokoda , then 6 repeats of the DNA tower and finally 6 repeats of Mount Street ,I think the elevation would be over 900m.

The weather held up so no rain and we met another Ultra Trail Australia competitor Alex training and hoping to go under 14 hours for the silver buckle. Finished the 3 hours feeling pretty good with 400 calories of tailwind , no real issues with the legs and they were not feeling too bad. Ran 20km .

Total for the week 78 km and 9.5 hours with 3.5 hrs cycling and 45 mins cross fit.