Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week 19 Full Taper Mode

WTF An Ultra Marathon

Shocking Blue - Venus (before Bananarama)
Standing on the Mountain TOP

One week left and the last longish run is done.

Preparation for the trip across and getting all the equipment together.Made easy with the list from last year :

NorthFace 100 Preparation List

    Mandatory Gear for the Ultra Australia 100
  1. Running Pack: Salomon SLab 12 pack
  2. Long Sleeve Thermal Top and pants
  3. Waterproof Jacket with hood
  4. Beanie/Balaclava/Buff
  5. Full fingered lightweight gloves: Merino wool jobbies
  6. High Visibility Safety Vest:  
  7. Headlamp:
  8. Small backup Headlamp: LED Lenser P5R
  9. Mobile Phone: Whatever is in your pocket
  10. Compass
  11. Whistle: Part of pack, of just go into any outdoor shop and bag yourself one
  12. Emergency Space Blanket: Part of Salomon Slab 12l
  13. Compression Bandage
  14. FireLighter block 
    Supplied by the organisers as you never know when you might want to get that steak you’ve been saving in your backpack on the go for dinner
  15. Lightweight Dry Sack: Sea to Summit
  16. 2L water bladder: Hydrapak I have a 1.5l and 2 small flask
    The one in the Salomon backpack is only 1.5l. I use Hydrapaks, but again, much down to personal choice. Most generally do what they say they’re going to do, which is hold water and not leak.
  17. Waterproof Map Case
  18. OPTIONAL GEAR (Likely that you’ll need to stash this at CP4 and use it later on) Long Leg waterproof pants
     100 weight Long Sleeve fleece top :Take to race
Otherwise ,it has been a really easy relaxed week with just one hardish run .Monday was a rest day one of possibly 3 in the whole 5 months . On Tuesday I ran 5kms and rode in the evening covering 30 plus km in the dark. I was feeling it in the end . On Wednesday an early ride to work and then in the evening I ran at King's park with a 20 min warm up including a run up Kokoda Trail then 5 x 8 minutes at about 45 secs faster then my start pace. It was getting dark so running on the footpath took some getting use to. It was hard and the first 8min was at 5 minute per km pace so a lot faster . then I walked for a minute and jogged for a minute before the second 8 minute session which was up a 4% incline and did that in 5.50sec pace and again 2 minute recovery and the 3rd 8 minute was faster as it was down hill with a 5 minute pace . the 4th 8 minute session was undulating and managed a 5.5km pace with running up Mount Street once .Finished with a slow recovery run back to the office with 12.7km in 80 min.

Thursday was an overcast day and I ran for 30 minutes in Kings Park covering a short 4kms .

Friday I was supposed to run an hour but with a massage yesterday the legs were sore and tired and a rest seemed a better bet
Watching the waves , the rainbow and dark clouds
A cold day and the beach to myself with the body boarder

Saturday an easy run at Trigg with Molly , JD ,Lindsay and Andree . An easy run of 60 min 7kms .Then coffee and Molly got a swim at the beach.

Sunday same run at Trigg for an hour and about 7kms as well. It was really cold so good conditions for Katoomba which is forecast to be between 4 and 18 C . A nice easy week with 35 km and  4hr 30 min , 45 min cross fit and 2hrs of cycling .

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