Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 10

The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face

The programme for the week looked relatively easy with no back to back long runs but it was deceptively easy. As it turned out it was a reasonably hard week of training . As they say it all helps .  I am acutely aware of the fine balance needed between training and recovery. It can all go pear shape with over training and injury  . After the drop in mileage last week , it was back up to a full week of training.

Mandatory Gear Check Done 
Monday .DOC . (Distance of choice) meant I picked what I wanted to run. I ran an easy 7.5km in Kings Park in the evening and even did 2 repeats of Mount Street below , our regular training haunt from last years North Face campaign.

Again nothing hard , just kept the Heart Rate low.

Tuesday . I ran for an about 65 minutes with a 15 minute warm up and then 1 minute very hard @95% of max HR and 2-3 minutes recovery jog , done 10 times with a 15 minute cool down . Total distance 10km.In the evening , it was a ride to Cross fit and the start of the Cross fit Games. Tried the 16.1 scaled challenge below:

16.1 Scaled
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
25-ft. front rack walking lunge
8 burpees
25-ft. front rack walking lunge
8 jumping chin-over-bar pull-ups
Men lunge 45 lb.
Women lunge 35 lb.

 I found it quite hard even though it was only 20 minutes .The 25 feet front rack walking lunge was pretty hard on the legs .Managed 7 and a bit rounds for about 197 points .Rode home spinning in the small gear as the legs were still sore.

Wednesday : A run in the evening as I was still trying to recover from the session on Tuesday but rode to work . In the evening I did a hard run session which was a 15 minute warm up and then 60 minutes at 5.30 pace . I kept between 5.16 minutes per km and 5.34 minutes per km for the 1 hour and then a cool down of 15 minutes for about 90 minutes and 14.55 km.I was pretty shattered and the legs felt it.

Thursday , an easy recovery run of 1 hour in the evening . Similarly on Friday , just an easy run of 45 minutes on the treadmill covering 7.5km .

Saturday's WOD 16.2 attempt
Saturday. A late start with a 90minute run for 13 km and then 30 minutes on the wind trainer with an easy recovery .In the afternoon Cross fit with a short 16.2 attempt managed the scaled version but with the clean squats at 43 kg for the first round I only just got through to the 2nd round where I managed one clean squat at 52kgs  and was out.

Sunday . Run in the Hills . we ran to the Camel farm and back and managed 20kms in 3 hours. Started off slow with a walk and then picked up the speed and finished pretty comfortable and strong. The down hill sections were slower then the uphills . I think we had about 750metres of elevation.

Overall a huge week not so much in mileage but in intensity and a tiring week but came out through the week feeling stronger .

Start of run Kalamunda

Garmin Links to the runs this week

Kings Park Running: 7.51 km • 54:03 • 7:12 min/km • 8.3 km/h • 0 m
Perth Running: 10.00 km • 1:03:45 • 6:23 min/km • 9.4 km/h • 0 m
Perth Running: 14.55 km • 1:26:20 • 5:56 min/km • 10.1 km/h • 0 m

Noranda Running: 8.22 km • 59:49 • 7:16 min/km • 8.2 km/h • 0 m

Noranda Running: 12.95 km • 1:33:23 • 7:13 min/km • 8.3 km/h • 0 m

Kalamunda Running: 20.14 km • 3:00:06 • 8:56 min/km • 6.7 km/h • 608 m


Running : 81.33km /  11.33 hrs
Cycling 3hrs
Cross fit  30mins ( but a hard 30mins)